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Textures That Highlight The Spirit Of Your Home

A traditional American classic, smooth flooring highlights the natural wood grain. Floors are sanded to a perfectly level touch you can slide your socks across, generation after generation. This option is a timeless classic laid to create a canvas for a variety of interior design choices. Dress them up or dress them down; from cozy, beach cottage to modern highrise living.

Browse our Westwinds and Preserve Collection pages for smooth options in Hickory, Acacia and Sapele.

Color Forest House

Leave an impression, with an authentic feel. Embossed texture mimics old fashioned, natural hardwood. Run your fingers across our embossed samples and feel Mamaw’s old wood plank floors.Think country porch living reinvented for the modern home. The impression always matches up perfectly to the wood grain.

Pick up a few samples from our waterproof collections: SPC, AquaStone Pro and Rigid Pro Ultra. Don’t be shy, give them a good feel.

Hardwood accented with a touch of character. Wood planks scraped with a bristled wire brush reveal the softest part of the wood and enhance natural grain wood patterns. Floors appear slightly aged and somewhat mature, like a weathered piece of wood; homegrown, season after season.

Browse our Karuna and Westwinds collections for Oak and Maple options with an added touch of character.

Cultivated once by nature, then carved by craftsmen, soft scraped floors exude a sense of nostalgia. When you combine wood grown naturally within earthly elements and the artistry of people, it’s easy to appreciate what makes soft scraped floors unique. Modern craftsmen mimic old fashioned techniques to chisel fresh logs, transforming them into decades aged planks at a rate that rivals nature. Choose soft scraped floors if you want a bit of an aged, rustic feel, just in the knick of time.

Discover our man made aged Maple and Hickory options in our Karuna Collection.

Floors that tell a story, tradition after tradition. Fashioned after old main streets and historic homes, hand scraped flooring adds antique ambiance to any room. Craftsmen work around the clock to fine tune each knot and characteristic before properly polishing each plank. Step back into time, feel the warmth of memories made, holidays passed and family legacy. Over time you might also hear a creak or two.

Browse our popular Cortlandt Manor and Tucson collections to discover a treasure trove of antique like Hickory options for your home.

The most distinctive planks available from Texas Traditions. Inspired by the land of the free and the home of the brave, bring the heritage of hardwood home. Flooring designed to camouflage every imperfection built up overtime. Wood is intentionally blemished to capture every distressing effect of nature. Preserve a century's worth of wild-life and weather in your home that welcomes your guests upon entrance.

Guarantee a pinterest worthy second glance. Browse 3D Distressed Maple options in our Karuna collection.