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Borrowed Scenery

The Collection

Borrowed Scenery

Beauty of nature’s wood tones, textures and character – free from water worries. Tried and true fashionable decors for budget.

This collection has been discontinued

Rumi Point

ABA Premium SPC

Texas Traditions Stone Polymer Composite (SPC) Collection, ABA Premium SPC technology doubles down on the way traditional vinyl’s are made, ensuring a Texas strong and stable waterproof option for your flooring. “A” stands for 1 layer of vinyl, the “B” represents the SPC core and the other “A” is another layer of vinyl attached to a pad. This gives our vinyl’s their unique strength and keeps them from becoming brittle overtime. Try bending one of our 7” x 48” boards in this collection, we guarantee they won’t break.

Aside from solid technology, you won’t be able to look past our SPC Collection’s sophisticated good looks, made in part by German grade PVC wear layer film, the most realistic in the market. Crystal clear visuals are both embossed and registered to ensure the best 3D replica of natural hardwood flooring on the market for Texans.