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Rigid Pro Max

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Rigid Pro Max

Rigid Pro Max JetCore Flooring is a rigid core hybrid flooring that has been engineered using ultra enhanced technology providing it with water resistance and durability. Homestead JetCore Flooring uses a proprietary XSR™ scratch resistant coating making this one of the most abrasion resistant floorings on the market.

French Oak

JetCore XSR™ Overlay

The XSR™ eXtra scratch resistant overlay provides this hybrid core flooring with a Class 4, Heavy Commercial rating.  In laymen’s terms this flooring is tough on nails; and yes we do mean tough ON nails, because it can stand up to sharp pointed objects as well as the more normal wear and tear any household or commercial property may have. Pet claws and high heels won’t puncture these floors, so no need to ask guests to remove their shoes during a party. Child gets artistic inspiration…produces a masterpiece in permanent marker, not to worry, permanent marker, paint, scuffs, all rub out with some elbow grease and a small amount of non-abrasive cleaner.