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Natural Hardwood True To Our Roots

Bring the woods within, with Acacia. Transported from dry, west Texas like climates around the world, Acacia cuts unveil a melting pot of luxury. Streams of browns, bronze and blondes merge together seamlessly, bound by timber knots reminiscent of the great outdoors. This mysterious species withstands all earthly elements and sprouts peacefully in lifeless surroundings. Described as virtually indestructible, Acacia will conquer your little ones' fortress battles without a hitch and ward off mold for moisture bearing areas. It’s no wonder the species was selected during construction of the tabernacle. Lay the bedrock of your home with the perfect mixture of nature, gold toned luxury and faith.

A universal design choice with distinctive grain formations, even color tones and consistent stain absorbency. Grown across the pond, in the mild climates of Germany, France and Great Britain; European Oak is a naturally good looking option easily fashioned into any interior design style. Simple, foreign lumber draped in clean lines and light colored hues, accented with bits of wood grain and a knotty personality.

European Oak has a long standing legacy of stability. It’s been a trusted species for ship builders for ages as well as barreling fine wines. Our European roots docked in America by hand planked shipload to build thriving colonies more than a century ago. Invite new lands into your home, and like a fine wine watch them age wisely.

Discover new lands, select a color from our Shores collection for a fresh take on modern luxury.

Become gone with the wind, with sweet Hickory. The perfect species to add country estate vibes to your everyday Texan living. Hickory wood quality is highly durable and grown to withstand the test of time. One of our more traditional looking species, Hickory features strong wood grain patterns, carousels of knots and diverse deep color contrasts with auburn color tones. Wood hues gradually vary from pattern to pattern and suggest the idea of authentically aged flooring. Available in plenty of colors to compliment your preference of design choice, from rustic ranch to elegant manor.

Achieve a crisp and clean aesthetic with the transparency of Maple. This speckle free species creates the illusion of filtered wood that magnifies each stroke of grain. Appreciate each strand, ideal for cloud 9 living and an open air feel. Pick any color, you won’t have to worry about too many knots or cracks getting in the way of picture perfect parallel floors.

Sapele, an African exotic. Extraordinarily unique for its sun kissed color tone, Sapele will warm both your heart and your home. An auburn blend of deep browns and reds brings a sense of adventure to any room with planks that deepen in color overtime. Beneath the surface, this species provides a durability that rivals the hardest of woods and was even used by the Germans during WWII to construct Zeppelin propeller wings. Step into adventure, sit back for the safari and enjoy the sunset.